Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Wiyos on TOUR!

The show closed a little over a month ago and school resumed just as it always does. Classes become monotonous and summer always seems just out of reach. Without any warning, the last week of classes has arrived and once again, my college days have gone by in a flash. Thankfully, dancing will continue even after classes are done. Summer is always an exciting time and this summer in particular should be an experience to remember.

The Wiyos is coming back! The process for the show was less than thrilling and the stress of everything being pulled together kind of takes over. Now that we have all had a chance to separate from the show, I am ready to bring it back! Three shows have been added around the state of Kansas. The perfect setting for the classic tale of Oz...with a twist of course. The Wiyos (band) will be making the trip back as well. This tour should be loads of fun and I can't wait to perform again!

Summer at White Mountain College Dance Festival. I am doing it. I am going to go away for three weeks in the summer and dance with complete strangers. Life is about taking chances and making changes. This should be a great way to make connections, new friends, and learn about myself as a performer. I know very little about the program and am feeling nervous, excited, apprehensive, and thrilled all at once!

My last semester of college is next fall. This is my last week of my last spring semester. A year from now, I will be done with my undergraduate degree. Where did all of the time go? The rest of this year is too exciting to worry about all of that!

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