Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Make Mistakes

I am rehearsing for a show that goes up in less than three weeks. The choreographer is new to me and the other dancers in the company have been around for a while. I have that feeling where everyone else seems to understand the choreographer’s movement language and I am just trying in vain to translate everything. It feels as if I look like I am speaking a whole different dialect with my body.

SO the conclusion that I have come to is that I just need to go for it. By being so worried about making a mistake and not moving the “right way” I am holding myself back. Maybe if I throw my entire body into the movement, I will learn the language quicker while also being able to express my individuality.

It is a daunting thing to be thrown into someone else’s choreography AND be the only “newbie” of the group. It is a challenge that will hopefully be rewarding in the end. I shouldn’t be afraid of making mistakes along the way. That is just a part of the rehearsal process.