Friday, May 28, 2010


The Wiyos of Oz!!!!!

In the last post I mentioned that a tour with The Wiyos was fast approaching and our spring concert would be up and running again. Well, we just wrapped our final show and I am staying up late buzzing about all that I have learned from this experience. We went on the road...and not the glamorous road, the REAL road. There was nothing fancy about this trip. We went to small towns and did it the way it is done in the real world. The dancers were the crew AND the performers. We stayed up late in uncomfortable buses. I have never tried to find so many different ways to sleep in one tiny square seat.

The work was tiring and being away is always exhausting, but the experience is really priceless. The show was such a success and playing for an audience of complete strangers is intensely rewarding.

Every dancer should perform with LIVE MUSIC at least once! It changes everything, absolutely everything, about the way you approach movement.

I have experienced what it is like to build a character and expand that role. I know now what it means to find something new in every performance. In a show that is repeated so many times, you have to experience something new or the performance will become stale. Within this last month alone, something has clicked with me internally about being onstage. I now know how to be entirely in the moment. Stage presence. That elusive "thing" that cannot be taught has finally found its way inside of me. Something happened during a performance. It clicked and I cannot explain it, but I get it.

I am buzzing. I am scatterbrained and buzzing about my own little self discoveries and performance experiences. Learning and growing as an artist is the most exciting part about this crazy career choice. No one likes to plateau and I am ready to start climbing again....

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