Sunday, February 21, 2010


Have you ever seen a show, a movie, heard a song, seen a painting, seen ANYTHING, that has made you so excited to be a human being? I listened to a song that had notes arranged in a way that brought me to tears. Human abilities never stop fascinating me. We are the only species on the planet with this exceptional and beautiful ability to create art. People think of things, and from their mind comes pure brilliance. It gets me excited to think about people creating and choreographing not just dances, but scenes that depict real human emotions. So much can be said with a little imagination and art. To have the freedom to express ideas creatively is a gift many take for granted.

Some days I am disappointed in humans. Some days I am frustrated with closed, stubborn, judgmental individuals. But today I am excited to be human. Today, I am excited to see what other humans can say with their talents. The talents that I see give me hope that the world is capable of being a better place. Human beings have the rare capacity to express and feel. This can and should continue to change lives.