Thursday, March 10, 2011

Ready to Climb

I had a breakthrough in class today. Graduation has come and gone. I am still spending time at University taking classes and teaching. My progress has slowed and I have been spending an unfortunate amount of time on a plateau. Two years ago, I felt myself flying forward with new information and daily epiphanies. Feeling as if I am moving forward again has been long-awaited.

I have been playing it safe. My constant fear of injury keeps me from making progress. Instead of pushing myself and knowing that I can do something, I hesitate. I haven't been trusting my technique to carry me through. Today in class, for the first time, I felt myself holding back. I decided in my mind that I was going to do it. Just telling my body that I was capable changed everything. Mistakes were still made, but I have never danced so full before.

Now I will approach class with my mind. In my head, I must trust the countless hours I have poured into my technique. My body is capable of doing what my mind asks of it. I have been approaching it backwards, letting my body tell my mind what I can and cannot do. Just knowing that I am in control of my progress and growth changes everything. I have needed this kind of renewal. One step forward and I can feel myself getting ready to climb!