Thursday, May 3, 2012

New in Town

A lot of life has happened in the months since my last post. The passion that I felt when I wrote last is still strong and has traveled across the country with me.

My wonderfully talented husband, Mark, was hired on the spot at an audition and so our journey has taken us to Orlando, FL. Making the adjustment from the hustle of city life in Chicago to the slow and laid back attitude of Florida has been hard. The beautiful sunshine and ample space to move has helped ease the pain! 

My attitude shift from January has carried over and the mistakes I made upon my arrival in Chicago will not be repeated in Orlando. I am diving into the dance scene at full speed, seeking the best classes and scoping out all of the upcoming auditions. I am still coming into myself, but I have a sense of peace with my decision to pursue dance that I haven't felt in a long time. That alone makes this stressful move across the country completely worth it.

Who knows how long Florida will hold us hostage. Life is an adventure and I am finally ready to be wide awake for it all.