Saturday, August 28, 2010


Sometimes personal tragedy triggers the production of the most poignant art. While you never wish for death and hurt to enter your life, there is beauty that comes from the total breakdown of the spirit. Your art is the thing that supports you when you cannot hold yourself up. It is reliable and never asks you questions. It waits patiently, through plateaus and bouts of bad ideas, for that one moment when genius shows itself.

I rely on my dancing to get me through the hardest of times. It pushes me and breaks me down as it builds my strength back up. My art makes me confront my problems and not avoid them. Some people turn to drugs and alcohol to drown out the difficulties that they are facing. No strength can be gained from making bad choices.

If you channel your energy, you can create wonderful things. Things that can change you and force you to view life from a new angle. There is such power to be gained from feeling every single emotion that life makes you feel.

August has been hard, but my passion is holding me up through these hard times. Happiness will find me again and I will be better for the pain I have been meant to feel.

Kind of an epic post, but I mean every word of it. Never choose the easy way out.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

August Update

My entire month of July was dedicated to dancing. I attended a festival in New York for three weeks. I learned many lessons, none of which I was expecting to learn.

New styles and teachers were introduced to me. The approach was different and refreshing. The whole experience was less than what I had in mind, but I managed to take so many wonderful lessons home with me.

First of all, I have gained a serious respect for my teachers and professors at my college. Sometimes it is easy to envy those in the big city of New York. This trip made me realize just how fabulous my teachers are at home. I am receiving an outstanding education and I can’t thank them all enough.

The second lesson is just as important. I realize that there is no need for intimidation. When you are from a small town, you look up to these big places with these big names. It is so important to realize that people are just people no matter where you go. No one should feel like they aren’t good enough or that their ideas aren’t good enough just because they aren’t from a big city.

The third and final lesson that I took away was that I am at a critical point in my life. Right now I am discovering by rejection. Sometimes it feels as if I hate everything. It is a lot easier to point out what I don’t like about a style, movement, or teacher. This isn’t a bad thing….for now. By rejecting certain ways, I am discovering ways that I like. This is a huge learning break-through. It is good to be specific as long as you always keep your mind open to new ways of interpreting things.

Just when I get discouraged and wonder why I am on this dance journey, I get a phone call. Something always pulls through and work is happening again. Opportunities will present themselves to you. You just have to know what you want and keep yourself open to new experiences.

Ideas are swamping me for my final concert in December. Six original works for an evening show. Bring it on!