Thursday, October 1, 2009

Fall Begins

Fall semester is well underway. In just a week it will be midterm. Time goes by so quickly it seems. This fall, I am dancing in a total of 3 pieces. One is an excerpt from the ballet Coppelia. It will be beautiful. Another piece is a twist on modern and jazz, which should be fun. Lastly, is my favorite piece so far. It is a contemporary ballet/modern piece. The choreography is absolutely stunning and I am thrilled to have been chosen to perform in it. Overall I am excited for the show in November.

Choreography class has been an interesting experience, and I am hungry to keep learning more. I like my classes to go at a fast pace, and so far this has been dragging. I have so many ideas that I want to get out there and I feel like I need that push and urgency. I am creating with or without the help of the class. That group piece I mentioned in past posts is still stirring around in my mind. I also am excited to start a duet. It has such a unique feel to it. I can't wait to get it out there and perform it. Some of these ideas are still just in the creative stage, and I can't say too much yet. I wish I could share every little detail, but it wouldn't make sense.

I started working on the duet. There is just a small chunk that I performed for choreography class. It was my first run, and I am in love with the movement. Now for some shaping and molding to get it just right!

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