Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Summer Ends.

Summer is slowing down and the fall semester starts in one week. I have had plenty of time to relax and get my mind in a focused place. At the end of last semester, so much was happening, it was hard to create. New ideas are now making themselves known.

 My two summer intensives went well. The one in July was more productive because I knew what to expect. This fall will be slightly less hectic. I will continue to teach at my old studio and work on new material for my choreography classes.

 I have three more semesters before I throw myself out into the real world. I am very excited! Until then I will continue to shape these ideas that are running wild in my mind, hopefully finding new creative outlets along the way.

 This fall should be great. It will be crammed with rehearsals, trips to see my biggest supporter in L.A., and all new choreography works! Janice Garrett will also be making an appearance! Life can be so exciting…

 I will leave you all with a combination I did for my July intensive.

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