Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Fall of 2008 was off to a great start. Within the first few weeks of school, Andrew Palermo from dre.dance was in to hold auditions for his new work beyond.words, choreographed by him and Taye Diggs. I was so pleased to be cast in this piece. The movement really inspired me. It is an exploration of autism, and is absolutely captivating. Not only did WSU get to perform the first section of this evening length performance, but we also had the opportunity to dance alongside the company members. Getting to know those who have made it in this hard occupation was invaluable. I tried to soak up everything I could. The Wichita Eagle wrote a couple of great articles on the premiere of this piece. One article can be found on their website at http://dredance.com/Wichita_Eagle_9-3-07.pdf . Also, dre.dance has posted a little demo video of this particular work. I was excited to see myself in the background of this! I am making my way one step at a time! Here is the video:

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