Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Dance in the summer

The summer always slows my dancing down. I really enjoy a little time off. It is important to remember why you love something so much and it makes the return to your art even better and stronger. I am really hoping to work on some choreography this summer. I have a few summer intensives lined up. I was really excited to be asked to teach modern at my local studio. Modern isn’t a part of their curriculum and they haven’t had anyone come along that was passionate enough about it. Hopefully I can fill that spot and make modern dance a staple at my childhood studio. This summer is mainly going to be cross training, choreographing, teaching, and of course summer school.


This is my time to focus on my art. I should have some more information up soon about some projects I am working on.

I also wanted to put up videos of a few pieces that I danced in. They were choreographed by some some very talented friends of mine, Genny Rounkles and Amy Pollard. In the first piece,Capitulation, I start at the far right (I have short curly hair, capris, and white socks on) and I am wearing the same thing for the second piece Irrevocable.

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  1. Love this! You are extremely talented. Great work, Steffie!