Friday, December 10, 2010


Tonight is opening night of my senior concert. This project has been under way for more than a year. I will finally get to see all of my ideas and hard work come to life on the stage. The process has been challenging, rewarding, frustrating, and emotional all at once. For the first time, I have had the experience of being the choreographer, designer, producer, and director of a show. Being in charge, making decisions, and creating an artistic vision is what I am supposed to be doing. This work is worth every minute put into it.

I am proud of the choreography that I am putting on the stage. I am proud of the posters designed for the show. I am thrilled with the dancers abilities. I am grateful to all who have been involved. I am inspired and excited.

These four years of college have been the best journey of my life so far. I am leaving as a grad who has experienced life to the fullest during my time at school. My future looks promising because of the phenomenal education I have received.

This time is emotional and bittersweet. There are so many things yet to come....

SO...tonight I dance my final farewell to the best dance department and people I know.


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