Tuesday, December 29, 2009

You. Better. Work.

The fall semester has wrapped up and winter break is well underway. It feels good to be done with another semester. I can officially call myself a senior. All of the hard work I have put into my education has led to this. Everything I have been working for has been for this year. My final year as an official student (I hope to always be a student in life). I look back, though, and wonder where the time went.

Nevertheless, I am happy for a break. This break, I am spending with my best friend and love, Mark Toland. He is a magician in the great city of L.A. What an exciting adventure this provides me! It is my last year in college and I am already getting a glimpse of what life has in store post-graduation. The real exciting news that I want to share is that I have already found work. This is so promising, for me. I am not even a college grad and I have landed a short gig teaching over winter break. The winter break that I am fortunately spending in L.A.

This is exciting to someone new. This is wonderful for someone just starting out. My first job that I can list on my resume. Wow. How cool is that? It really renews my faith that I can do this. I can really venture into this crazy world of art, performance, entertainment, teaching, and whatever else life has in store for me.

I just wanted to share my excitement with you all. I hope that the work keeps on coming for everyone!

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